Get FREE 2D Digital Terrain by Guilt-Free Gaming & Maps by 2-Minute Tabletop

Why are we offering you free terrain?

We have a goal we strive for at Guilt-Free Gaming. We want to make RPGs more immersive and more accessible. One of the easiest ways to bring in new players or make your sessions more immersive is with amazing terrain.

Terrain can single handedly transport your players into your world. While 3d terrain can be incredibly expensive or time-consuming to make, we love it. Our very own Daniel Whitworth has hand-crafted every piece of terrain that you’ll see here.

While we’re giving away this set for free, we hope that you’ll consider joining our Patreon where we create new terrain every month and deliver it right to your email to print at home.

We will continue to release new products for RPGs and stay tuned for our new product lineup “Magic Items for your DM”.

Talk to you soon,
Mike Hansen and Daniel Whitworth