A License Plate Word Game

Join us on a word game adventure.

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Join us on an Exciting Word Game Adventure

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How to Play

Step 1: Draw a Phrase

How do you get your friends to guess the phrase “Shark Attack” using only 7 characters?

Step 2: Write it Down

Step 3: Present Your Plate

Have your Friends Guess your License Plate

Score Points and Move your Team Vehicle

Score bonus points by using less than 7 characters or adding numbers to your license plate.

Road Trippin After Dark
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For Adults Only!
The DMV does not Approve of these License Plates.

This 300 phrase expansion is sure to get you and your friends laughing out loud. Have you ever heard your mom scream out Dirty Sanchez? It’s hilarious.

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Join us on this Road Trip

Join us on an exciting word game adventure. Road Trippin is live now. Get it here on or Amazon.com

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Get the Game on Amazon Now!