Zippered Trading Card Binders

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How your cards are meant to be stored.

The best way to protect and display your collection.

Keep Em Mint

The soft supple suede interior cradles your cards while the padded Komodo armor exterior keeps them safe from impacts. With a lightweight padded layer built into each page the Guilt Free Gaming trading card holder protects your cards from scrapes and dings keeping them in mint condition.

Water Resistant

We’ve all spilled a drink, but you’ll never have to worry about your cards getting wet ever again. Zip the binder shut to prevent any dirt from getting in.

No More Spills

The card vault features side loading pockets designed to store your cards securely in place. They will not spill out, ever. You will never waste any more time picking up dropped cards.

The Perfect TCG Binder doesn't exis...

When you first hold our Trading Card binder, it’s going to be reminiscent of your first love. Feel your heartbeat increase as you caress the soft supple suede interior. Know that your cards are safe with the padded baby-skin soft anti-slip exterior. Gently slide each of your valuable cards into the sleeves until your entire collection is protected by this beautifully crafted binder.

Based on 3 reviews
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  1. Phoebus

    I love the exterior of this binder. It is so easy to find a card binder with a strap and a simple plastic cover. The zipper on this binder feel sturdy and the material reminds me of the old school sports ball covered binders. The sleeves are size to hold sleeves cards with a fabric back to protect it even more. I will be ordering another one of these!

  2. Jack Whitworth

    This thing is substantial. The outside texture feels great and gives me confidence my collection of safe inside. The sideloading pockets are much easier to get cards in and out than traditional top loading ones and yet no matter how much I shake this thing the cards don’t fall out even when it’s not shipped. That’s multiple cards in one slot well as well, even with the card sleeved. Really happy with this product and will probably be getting more to move my whole collection into them.

  3. Samantha

    So I initially got this for my son to store his D & D cards, but after going through it and handling it, I have decided to keep it for myself! This thing is pure quality!!! From the outer shell to the interior padding to the card sleeves, this thing is top notch! I will buy him one of the smaller ones to replace this monster of a case though 🙂

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