Road Trippin After Dark


  • An Exciting Word Game Adventure w/ Four (4) Real Metal License Plates- Create and solve vanity license plates on a trip across country.
  • Everyone knows what a vanity license plate is, but can you make one that your friends can guess from a challenging phrase?
  • The concept is simple, but maximizing your points can make it tough!
  • Road Trippin is fun for adults or the entire family. It takes only seconds to understand and about 20 minutes to play.
  • This game will get your game night laughing and is challenging enough to get your blood pumping as you race across country.
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Turn on your headlights, it's about to get dark and dirty.

After Dark is a 300 phrase expansion for Road Trippin with some incredibly dirty words that might make your mom cringe. The DMV would not approve of these plates… but they make for one heck of an evening with your friends.

Take a Closer Look

  • After Dark is an Adults Only expansion to Road Trippin. Do NOT buy for children, unless you’re ready to have some awkward conversations.
  • 300 Additional Phrases that will make your mom cringe.
  • Requires the Original Game in order to play.

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