Partchment of Planning


  • The perfect gift for your Game Master. Our double-sided battle mat is easy to store and transport, wet/dry erase compatible, and fits in most gaming bags.
  • Lays Flat Every Time – No need to worry about your edges curling. Pre-draw your map, fold it up, and open it up ready to go for your next game session.
  • Square and Hex Grids – Reversible and Versatile – We use the hex side for land crawlers and the square side for most of our DND needs.
  • Bonuses – We wanted to provide you with a little extra to help make your sessions more immersive. We threw in some scatter terrain (photographed from our 3d terrain), a 60ft Distance Ruler, 8 Color Markers, and 35 Create Your Own Monster / Terrain tokens. 
  • Guilt Free Guarantee – If you don’t like your Parchment of Planning for any reason, simply return it to Amazon for FREE within 30 days. We separately warrant the product for up to 1 year to ensure you get only the best accessories. 
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The Parchment of Planning

Introducing the Parchment of Planning. When you’re playing a RPG like DND, Pathfinder, or Warhammer you often need to make maps for your adventurers. Our new 24″ x 24″ battle mat is decorated with an ancient parchment paper finish and boasts both 1″ square and hex grids. Works with wet or dry erase markers.

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The PoP comes with 8 different colored markers, an erase, spray bottle, a 60ft distance ruler, scatter terrain samples, and 35 create your own monster / terrain tokens. We give you everything you need to create your own RPG campaign.

Create your new world with ease.

The Parchment of Planning

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