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Get the Print and Play version of Long Live the King. If you like the game, we’ll provide you with a $5 discount to buy the full version of the game.

Long Live the King (LLtK) is a strategic, social deduction, card game that was birthed from our love of secret identity games. Shoutout to other Kickstarter legends like Secret Hitler and Coup for being inspirational to this game.

LLtK is the perfect combination of a social party game with complexity and strategic thinking. It is setup within a minute, has the familiarity of a card game, facilitates socialization, and consists of a fast play-style that gets more complex the more you play it. Pair that with our randomized secret identity mechanic and you get a game that stays fresh and is never the same. Each game lasts around 20-30 minutes. Complete your Win Condition listed on your Role Card and score points. The first person to reach a pre-determined score is declared the winner. As you get closer to reaching the points required to win… you’ll notice your friends turn on you.


Learn More About the Game Here: https://guilt-freegaming.com/long-live-the-king/

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