Genuine Leather RPG Bag for Coins, Currency, Dice, and Small Accessories

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Four Styles

Genuine Leather & Microfiber. Store 10 Sets of Dice.

How your dice are meant to be stored.

The best way to protect and travel with your dice collection.


Hand-made from very durable cowhide leather and foil stamps on each side. This pouch is made from genuine leather and microfiber with a simple brass button to clasp it shut.

Perfectly Sized

Larger than most other dice & coin pouches at 10 Inches (25.4 cm) across when laid flat, while still cinching up to a reasonable size to carry around. Holds up to 10 standard sets of D&D dice. That’s 70 dice total!

Easy Access

Don’t dig around in a smaller pouch for that one die or coin. This pouch folds out so you can find exactly what you are looking for at a glance, without anything falling out of it. You can even use it as a dice rolling tray when fully opened!

The Perfect Dice Bag doesn't exis...

When you first hold our genuine leather dice pouch you may be transported back to a simpler time in human history. As you rub your hands across the soft supple cowhide leather you notice something sneaking about out of your left eye. Out of instinct, you roll out of the way as a blade whizzes past your head. You open your dice pouch, grab your lucky D20, you draw your bow and let an arrow fly and watch as it lands on a natural crit defeating your foe. Pulling the string to close up your pouch, you clasp the brass button shut, and praise the people that made such a quality and easy to use dice bag.

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  1. ROM Spacenight

    Love the old-world style of a simple tie-up pouch. Works great with dice and can double as coin purse when using physical currency in a campaign. Also works as an ad-hoc rolling surface. Can’t wait to hit the campaign with this.

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