Clear Mini Bases – 100 Pack


  • CLEAR MINI BASES – Perfect for basing your miniatures so you can see the beautiful terrain you’ve built underneath.
  • DETAILS – 1″ Diameter (25mm) and 1.5mm Thick Acrylic. – Approximately 100 pieces
  • LASER CUT PRECISION – No jagged edges or random sizes. Every piece is cut perfectly, by a freaking laser beam.
  • INDIVIDUAL PIECES – No need to cut these out, each piece comes already cutout in a bulk bag.
  • THIN & EASY TO SETUP – First remove the plastic film that protected the acrylic during cutting. Then get some acrylic cement or appropriate glue and lather it up and stick your mini on there.


Why are these so cheap?

These are actually the center cutout of our condition rings. Instead of throwing them away, we decided to ‘sell’ them at cost. We literally break even on these, so take advantage of a great product at an amazing price and help reduce waste.

Clear miniature bases are the way to go when basing your minis. Instead of having one static terrain on the base of your mini forever, you now simply blend into the terrain of the board or setup that you’re currently using. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?



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