Spell AOE Template for DnD and Tabletop Games


  • ENHANCE YOUR TABLETOP EXPERIENCE – Our acrylic spell template will help you accurately lay waste to your enemies without question.
  • EASY TO USE – Simply place the tool over your miniature and you’ll be able to see the Area of Effect of the Spell you’re casting.
  • DESIGNED BETTER – Designed in the USA by engineers/gamers, we made sure our template is 100% Accurate. We bought the other main sellers for our games and realized the dimensions were off… really. So we made a better one.
  • RANDOM DIRECTION GENERATOR – We added 8 d8 icons to the edges of the template. Simply roll a D8 and you have your random direction. Why others choose to use a D12 baffles us as when you play on a 1″ grid, you only have 8 possible directions.
  • DURABLE AND GUARANTEED TO LAST – This acrylic was made to take a beating. Keep it safe from scratches in our sleeve we provide you. This should last you a lifetime of gaming sessions.


Ever got into an argument about how far and wide your spell goes or just looking for a little bit more precision in your tabletop RPG games? As experienced D&D players we’ve created an accurate Spell AOE Template to help you measure all your spells. We actually bought the leading brands template for our games and found the dimensions were inaccurate, we’ve fixed it and made a better version.

You simply take our template and place the 1″ circle over your miniature. Then find the appropriate circle, cube, or cone that you need for your spell. You will be able to clearly see the area of effect and make waste of your enemies.

Our template is 8.5″ versus the competition at 8″. This allowed us to fit in a 30ft cone where others cannot.

Also, we included 8 dice icons around the edge of the template to allow for a random direction generator. Simply roll a D8 and match it up with the direction on the template.

Other companies for some reason use a D12, which makes no sense if you’re playing on a standard 1″ grid. There are only 8 possible directions you could move!

Designed in the USA by Real Gamers. Buy a Guilt-Free Gaming Acrylic Spell AOE Template for your Tabletop Sessions.

The Spell Template Includes:
– 5′ Radius Circle
– 10′ Radius Circle
– 15′ Radius Circle
– 20′ Radius Circle
– 10′ Cube
– 20′ Cube
– 30′ Cube
– 15′ cone
– 30′ Cone
– D8 scatter markers

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