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Table Topper (3/16" Acrylic)




Table (1/2" Acrylic)









Find the most frequently asked questions below.

The table is made of 1/2" Cast Acrylic.

The topper is made out of 3/16" Cast Acrylic

We will be making these tables at our small factory in Mesa AZ. The first people to reserve their table could get it as soon as January 2023.

We have a few options for to store your favorite beverage. The table itself is waterproof, so you can just put it there.

Alternatively, we plan on making attachments to hold your cups just off the table.

Another option is that we can drill in cup holder holes and provide you with inserts to hold them. We'd rather not cut into your beautiful table though.

Acylic is a great material for dry and wet erase. You will have no issues using the surface of your table as a battle mat or drawing surface.

Shipping will vary depending on the size of your table and where you live.

Example - Our largest table 4x8 shipped to Madison, WI would cost roughly $285.

Absolutely. Each of our tables is custom made for you. You will ultimately be able to choose from one of our or our designers designs or provide your own custom artwork for the table.

We purchased an enormous 4x8ft UV printer and can print directly on surfaces like wood and acrylic. We print our images on the underside of the table to keep the surface dry eraseable. The image showing through the surface makes it more brilliant and gives it an amazing effect.

Each table is made right here at our office in Mesa, AZ. We custom print and pack each piece for you. The only thing we don't make are the table legs.