GFG Play-testers Wanted

Love Gaming?

We’re seeking a small number of people to become play testers for our games and accessories.

If you’re interested in trying out our newest games and accessories apply today. The only cost may be just your feedback on the product. The more detailed your review the more likely you’ll get in on our next product test.

Current Game Being Tested

Long Live the King

Long Live the King is a secret identity card game set in a medieval era. With over 10 unique roles and win conditions no game is ever the same. Join the GFG Playtester Group and start testing out the game with us today.

Current Game Accessories

D&D Accessories

We’re getting ready to launch our first D&D accessories on
An AOE template for accurately measuring your spells, condition rings to visualize and remember what conditions are afflicting characters, and clear mini bases.