Currency – Adventure – Magic & Cursed Coins – Wooden Treasure Chest

Follow the Money – The Magician’s Mercantile Bank

“I have been wanting real currency for as long as I've been playing DnD. Metal coins were just too expensive, so we created this set. I wish I'd done it sooner.”

Daniel WhitworthLead Designer
Welcome to Gilbere

An Epic Adventure w/ Physical Currency

The Magicians Mercantile Bank (MMB) is at the center of Gilbere and anything of value passes through it's portals. In this unique adventure, you'll introduce using real currency through a multi-session adventure including all new gambling games, a slew of interesting characters, missions, and multiple endings based on the characters decisions.

This adventure includes all the coins you need to convert any of your existing campaigns to using real currency. Scroll down to learn more about the Magic & Cursed Coins, the wooden treasure chest, and gems that come with the set.

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What’s included?

Magic & Cursed Coin Example

Gambler’s Gold

When making an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw you can choose to flip the coin in place of rolling. The Crow will mean it automatically counts as a critical failure, while the Swan will make it a critical success. This outcome can not be affected by abilities meant to change the result of a roll, such as ‘Lucky’ or ‘Inspiration’.

You can’t use the coin in this manner again for 7 days. If the result is in any  way tampered with, magical or otherwise, the ability fails and is wasted.

Credit: Jelke’s Tavern of Trinkets

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Discount over Metal Currency
Cost for 610 Coins, 40 Gemstones, 5 Burlap Pouches, Wooden Treasure Chest, Adventure and Guide to Currency
(Final Price may change at launch)
Durable 1mm Currency

An Affordable Game Currency that Looks and Feels Amazing

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Leave the Pencil Behind and Make your DnD Experiences More Immersive with Real Currency